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001.jpg - In ferry queue at Dover
002.jpg - About to depart Dover
003.jpg - Leaving port Dover
004.jpg - Goodbye White Cliffs of Dover
005.jpg - Arrival Boulogne France
006.jpg - Camp I France
007.jpg - Sacre Coeur Paris France
008.jpg - Palais de Versailles France
009.jpg - Palais de Versailles France
010.jpg - Fountains at Versailles
011.jpg - Camp near Tonnere France
012.jpg - Lake Geneva Switzerland
013.jpg - San Marco Venice Italy
014.jpg - Grand Canal Venice Italy
015.jpg - Seaside stop near Trieste Italy
016.jpg - Washing wine glasses near Ljubljana Yugoslavia
017.jpg - Chairlift at Bled Yugoslavia
018.jpg - Ferry crossing river at Sibenik Yugoslavia
019.jpg - Viaduct just after Sibenik Yugoslavia
020.jpg - Camp outside Cavtav on the road! Yugoslavia
021.jpg - Dubrovnic Yugoslavia from a distance
022.jpg - Dubrovnic Castle Yugoslavia
023.jpg - St Stefan Yugoslavia
024.jpg - Lake Skadarsko Yugoslavia/Albania border
025.jpg - Bridge over gorge on road to Titograd Yugoslavia
026.jpg - Another bridge same road Yugoslavia
027.jpg - Thessaloniki pause & tent up Greece
028.jpg - Beach Thessaloniki Greece
029.jpg - Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey
030.jpg - Blue Mosque Istanbul Turkey
031.jpg - Crossing the Bosphorus to Asia
032.jpg - Farewell Europe!
033.jpg - Roads in Turkey are straight!
034.jpg - Viper hole near Tuz Golu Turkey
035.jpg - Land Rover on road in Turkey
036.jpg - LR with Krak des Chevaliers in distance Syria
037.jpg - Inside the Krak des Chevaliers Syria
038.jpg - Girl we met from Hawqa at Cedars of Lebanon
039.jpg - Baalbek Lebanon
040.jpg - Le Festival at Baalbek Lebanon
041.jpg - Beirut Lebanon
042.jpg - Waiting at the border Lebanon/Syria
043.jpg - Fred's camel near Jaresh Syria
044.jpg - Camel & Fred & LR near Jaresh Syria
045.jpg - Jesus' tomb (alleged) Jerusalem
046.jpg - Dome of the Rock Jerusalem
047.jpg - Manger Square Bethlehem
048.jpg - Dead Sea Scrolls cave
049.jpg - A familiar looking bus stop Amman Jordan
050.jpg - Real desert! Iraq
051.jpg - The road just goes on! Iraq
052.jpg - Desert maintenance Iraq
053.jpg - Cyclist in the desert! Iraq
054.jpg - Lake Habanya Iraq
055.jpg - Police Post Shahraban Iraq
056.jpg - Bathing in pool near Sar-i-Pul Iraq
057.jpg - Sitting on water buffalo in pool Sar-i-Pul Iraq
058.jpg - Breakfast in bed near Sahneh Zagros Mts Persia
059.jpg - Ironing same place as above
060.jpg - Mountain climbing goats Karaj Dam Persia
061.jpg - On top of LR same mountains Persia
062.jpg - By the Caspian Sea Persia
063.jpg - Isfahan gardens Persia
064.jpg - Isfahan mosque Persia
065.jpg - Isfahan mosque Persia
066.jpg - Persepolis Persia
067.jpg - As above
068.jpg - As above
069.jpg - As above
070.jpg - As above
071.jpg - Shiraz monument Persia
072.jpg - As above
073.jpg - Shiraz Airport Persia
074.jpg - Police Post near Beshneh Persia
075.jpg - As above
076.jpg - As above
077.jpg - Lunch with goats near Kerman Persia
078.jpg - Desert after Shoorgaz Persia
079.jpg - Desert road & mountains after Shoorgaz Persia
080.jpg - As above
081.jpg - LR outside Marconi house Meshed Persia
082.jpg - Arrival in Afghanistan
083.jpg - Breakfast stop Herat/Kandahar road Afghanistan
084.jpg - Navigation is sometimes very difficult! Afghanistan
085.jpg - This photo taken without my knowledge! Afghanistan
086.jpg - LR in forecourt of Bamiyan Hotel Afghanistan
087.jpg - Bamiyan large Bhudda (recently destroyed by Taliban) Afghanistan
088.jpg - Band-i-Amir Afghanistan
089.jpg - As above
090.jpg - As above
091.jpg - As above
092.jpg - As above
093.jpg - As above
094.jpg - As above
095.jpg - Band-i-Amir with VW Afghanistan
096.jpg - As above
097.jpg - As above
098.jpg - As above
099.jpg - Typing the log at Kharga Dam near Kabul Afghanistan
100.jpg - LR at Kharga Dam Afghanistan
101.jpg - Kabul Cento Afghanistan
102.jpg - Custom House Torkham Afghan/Pakistan border
103.jpg - Drive on the left again - after 10,000 miles!
104.jpg - Khyber Pass Pakistan
105.jpg - Shagai Fort Khyber Rifles base Pakistan
106.jpg - Mosque Lahore Pakistan
107.jpg - House we stayed at Lahore Pakistan
108.jpg - Another 'house' we stayed in at CCH Jamesabad Pakistan
109.jpg - The last 51 miles to Karachi (now able to read Arabic script!)
110.jpg - A superior house we stayed in at Karachi Pakistan
111.jpg - As above
112.jpg - Yet another 'house' Hawks Bay near Karachi Pakistan
113.jpg - Intercontinental Hotel Karachi where we did not stay!
114.jpg - Digging for turtles' eggs near Hawks Bay Karachi Pakistan
115.jpg - Loading LR on to mv Kosovo at Karachi Pakistan
116.jpg - Farewell Pakistan
117.jpg - mv Kosovo en route to Singapore via Indonesia
118.jpg - As above
119.jpg - As above
120.jpg - As above
121.jpg - As above
122.jpg - As above
123.jpg - LR in barge tying up at Boat Quay Singapore
124.jpg - As above
125.jpg - LR outside the flat provided by BP in Singapore
126.jpg - Inside the flat in Singapore
127.jpg - As above
128.jpg - Heading north up the coast of Malaya
129.jpg - Rubber tree plantations on the journey north
130.jpg - Arrival at Kuala Lumpur Malaya
131.jpg - Railway Station, Kuala Lumpur Malaya
132.jpg - Colonial era buildings in Kuala Lumpur Malaya
133.jpg - As above
134.jpg - Mosque (new) at Kuala Lumpur Malaya
135.jpg - Tin dredge Malaya
136.jpg - Change-of-Air Station, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands Malaya
137.jpg - Ascending Cameron Highlands Malaya
138.jpg - Cameron Highlands summit Malaya
139.jpg - Bridge in Singapore
140.jpg - Hindu Temple Singapore
141.jpg - Tiger Balm Gardens Singapore
142.jpg - Loading LR on to mv Centaur Singapore
143.jpg - Departing Singapore on board mv Centaur
144.jpg - Looking astern from mv Centaur
145.jpg - Swimming pool on board mv Centaur
146.jpg - Coming alongside Fremantle Harbour Australia
147.jpg - Tied up and disembarking Fremantle Terminal Australia
148.jpg - LR being unloaded at Fremantle Terminal Australia
149.jpg - LR being towed into Customs shed Fremantle Terminal
150.jpg - Journey's End! Camp I Coogee Beach just south of Fremantle Australia

4th March 1966 17,819 miles on clock at Coogee
14th July 1965 4,255 miles on clock at Dover
234 days 13,564 miles travelled

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